About Us Service, Quality & Presentation

Our Philosophy

At Chuckles Jack, we are committed to providing customers with healthy meals made from the highest quality ingredients and complimented with excellent customer service.

The excellence of our ingredients cannot be matched – we purchase fresh vegetables on a daily basis and serve only the best cuts and grades of beef, pork and poultry (locally sourced, if possible). At Chuckles Jack, meals are prepared from scratch using non-trans fat oils, with all seasoning and marinating done on premises. Our menu is created with an emphasis on nutritional value and low fat content to provide our customers with the most nutritious, healthy food possible.

Chef Ram Mogandas and his elite culinary team understand that in addition to quality ingredients, presentation is the cornerstone of an exceptional meal. Diners are charmed by the attractive composition and presentation of each dish, making every meal a true exploration of all the senses.

Chuckles Jack provides the complete package in fine dining experience with exceptional service, quality and presentation that will make every meal an adventure.

Ram, Chef